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Frosty Shake: Frigid Friday Follies

This is how high the snow is now piled up along the street and driveway; the low was -3F/-19C, with a high of 30F/-1C.
After blizzard conditions and an additional foot of snow on Tuesday into Wednesday, the kids were awakened Wednesday by a 4 a.m. earthquake. No, we haven't moved to California. The epicenter of this 3.8 quake was in Pingree Grove, Illinois, in Kane County, which is about 15 miles away. Although VIS and I slept through it, I must have felt it, because I dreamed about a wild party with loud music. While earthquakes in the suburbs of Chicago aren't unheard of (there was one in Lombard, exciting Lombard, back in the '80s), this was a previously unknown fault. Does the excitement never end?

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