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Feeling Austin, Texas

Do you ever sometimes feel like it will never rain, like the storm clouds make a detour to avoid your garden? I've had that feeling recently. After nearly two months with rain every day, the rains dried up two weeks ago. It's rained nearby, as the above photo shows, but not at Squirrelhaven. It's been sunny skies and temperatures in the 90sF. I can't keep up with watering the zucchini,

and a couple of the fruits shrivel on the stem when I had to be gone for 36 hours. Things are starting to look ratty.

The 'Merlot' lettuce has turned bitter,

and cracks have sprouted faster than weeds.

Despite watering this area, the ground gapes.

Plants are starting to show signs of stress

and distress.

It's cloudy now. I can only hope there will be some rain.


Feeling Austin, Texas {Weather}