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1st Snowfall at Squirrelhaven

The first snowstorm of the season here in the Northwest suburbs of Chicago wasn't very impressive. The 1/4 inch that fell was barely shovelable, unlike the mess outside today, which I don't want to talk about. The Mum still had one last bloom, despite the snow, but even if I could find it now, I'm sure the show is all over.
The snow was so light and fluffy, it didn't stick much to the deciduous trees and shrubs, but it did look pretty on the Thujas.

This is 'Spring Grove,' hiding the compost area. Thujas are the Rodney Dangerfields of conifers, they get no respect, which is a shame. I value them for their individual beauty as well as for the backdrop they provide.

The Hakonechloa has faded to tan for the winter.

It always looks good.
The light snow made for clear tracks.

Can you tell who made them?
This post is part of Nancy Bond's First Snowfall Project at her blog, Soliloquy. Join in, it's even more fun than shoveling.


1st Snowfall at Squirrelhaven {winter}