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It's Going to be a Long Winter

How cold is it? It's so cold I couldn't take the garbage out. When I tried to get the garbage bin out to take it to the curb this morning, I couldn't open the gate. The latch was frozen. The garbage collectors will not pick up bags; all garbage must be in the special, wheeled bins. I'm embarrassed to admit that I ended up putting my bag into my neighbors' bin. That was when it was 2F/-16C degrees out there. It got up to a whopping 16F/-8.8C. It hasn't been this cold since February 19.

Already I've had to chop ice on the driveway. I had enough of that last year, and it's only the first week of December. Already the marauding deer have made their way through the neighbors' front and back yards and into my front yard.

But it appears that the Plantskydd I sprayed on the Yew has deterred them for now. Stay tuned for further Yew updates. Now where did I put that long underwear?

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