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Closer to the Earth

In the midst of a very difficult week, I found myself sitting in the garden, seeking solace among the flowers. But unlike the midsummer garden with its large and abundant flowers, the early spring garden calls the gardener off the garden swing or bench to get closer to the earth to become immersed in flowers. From a distance, all Snowdrops look alike,

but up close, on inspection, their variety is revealed.

Observing the Crocuses from their level shows lovely brushstrokes and subtle coloration.

To find the emerging shoots poking up out of the earth, the gardener must get close.

The dark leaves of Mertensia virginica remind me of cabbage.

Polemium reptans 'Stairway to Heaven' sprouts the color of ruby cabernet before turning cream and green.

The tiny new leaves of Alchemilla mollis hold drops of dew.
Up close, the flowers share their secrets. This one dreams of being a ballerina.

These Crocuses think they're mushrooms.

This little yellow one feels like the odd man out.

These sprouts are having a Sci-Fi fantasy that they are creatures from another world.

Get down on your knees, look closely, and see what your flowers have to say. They might surprise you.

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