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New Product Giveaway

Last weekend, I met a couple of local gardeners, Carol and Kerrie, who have devised a new seed saver product, the Seed Keeper Kit. It's for gardeners such as myself, who have seed packets scattered hither and yon. I have seeds in my desk drawers, seeds in a bin by the microwave, seeds with my garden gloves, and seeds in the garage. I'm so disorganized that when the seed swap by mail started by Monica the Garden Faerie came to my house, I forgot to put in the Tree Peony seeds.

I need an organizing system, and the Seed Keeper Kit will be my salvation. It's also useful for gardeners who buy a lot of seeds every year. (I could name names, but you know who you are.)
The kit, which costs $29.99, comes with glassine envelopes for seed you have collected from your garden, alphabetical dividers with gardening tips and some blank ones that you can fill out to subdivide your collection, a seed sorting dish, wooden stakes, a permanent marker and a small wooden ruler. It also includes a pair of gloves and a clip for hanging them from your pocket or belt loop. The storage container helps extend the life of the seeds while keeping them organized.
The contest is limited to residents of the United States and Canada. As a consolation to those overseas, I'll be happy to send you some Tree Peony seeds instead. (Just email me with your address at headfulla plants at gmail dot com.) To enter, just leave me a comment listing where you have seeds or seed packets and your email address by March 31, 2010 . The winner will be drawn at random.
For those of you in the United States, don't forget to enter by Dee's contest at Red Dirt Ramblings by Friday to win a pair of Ethel gloves.


New Product Giveaway {seed saving}