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The Only Good Rabbit...

is a chocolate rabbit. How I delight in biting off the head.

Okay, enough revenge fantasies, it's time to take action to prevent any need for revenge. With the garden finally awakening, and the rabbits busy having babies, now is the time to restock the arsenal. The weapons of choice: hot pepper wax and spray repellent. Those with deer problems are already familiar with the latter. Liquid Fence, Deer Off, and Bobbix are just some of the available repellents. Forget everything else (except chicken wire and electric fences). Rabbits have been known to hold their little noses and munch away in the presence of blood meal, human hair, and coyote and fox urine.

The disadvantage of the deer repellents is the smell. Of course that's also an advantage, because the rabbits will know that the plants will taste horrible without having to take a bite. The red pepper wax (which is harder to find), has the advantage of being odorless. That, however, requires the rabbit to take a bite to discover that this is something not worth eating, ever.

The choice of weapon depends on one's circumstances. If the garden is fairly close to the neighbors' houses and they have sensitive noses, the hot pepper wax route might be preferred, especially if the plant that needs protection can afford a bit of injudicious pruning, such as a shrub. Otherwise, the deer repellent is the way to go. Just make sure when using it that the wind is blowing away when spraying. The only other caveat is that when plants are in active growth, all newly grown parts must be sprayed. Otherwise, once a season should do the trick.
And now for that chocolate rabbit...


The Only Good Rabbit... {rabbit repellent}