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Postcard from Wauwatosa
Nervous feet while waiting to take the stage for the treble reel.

Were you expecting an image of flowers or even bare trees? Sorry, but it was -2F when I walked all the way across the parking lot Saturday morning for the Wisconsin Winterfeis. That's just too cold for me. (This is the number one reason I don't live in Wisconsin; it wasn't quite that cold when we left home.) It's also too cold for my vehicle's washer fluid jets; they froze up solid during the drive north. Fortunately, it became downright balmy by the time the girl and I got home on Sunday. There was even a thunderstorm that night, which handily disposed of the 8 inches of snow that fell on Squirrelhaven on Friday. However, it's back down below the freezing point again. In short, activities for cold weather wimps like me must move indoors. Stay tuned to find out what I've been doing besides watching Irish dancing and reading plant catalogues.

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Postcard from Wauwatosa + winter weather