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My Apologies to the Deer

When I found that all my Crocus tommasinianus were eaten and the 'Easter Moon' Tulips had been attacked,

I immediately blamed the deer.

Then yesterday, out of the corner of my eye, I spied movement in the garden.

A moment later, I saw something lurking under a Columbine.

I stealthly crept up and captured this image on my camera with the zoom lens: I'd found the culprit!

It's a tiny, voracious hamster. I quickly realized that my garden has been invaded by the tiny rodents. I started seeing them everywhere:

They seem to exhibit camouflaging behavior.

This one was about to attack some Crocuses when I scared it off.

At first I thought they were solitary creatures,

but then I started seeing them congregating.

Pretty soon there was a whole pack of them.

I've discovered that repellents don't work, and they're too small to keep out with fencing. Trapping seems to be the only method of control. I managed to capture two so far.

Don't be fooled by their cute little faces,

they are vicious creatures with huge appetites. This is all that remains of a squirrel after they got through with it.

Even foxes flee from them.

So, be on your guard, and if you see tiny hamsters in your garden, you'll know it must be April Fools' Day.
Thanks go to the girl for generously lending her eraser hamsters and helping to place them in the garden.

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