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Enchanted April

I realize that I have fallen behind on posting about my shade garden. This has been such a busy time in the garden, not only with chores, but with things sprouting, leafing out and blooming. I'm not clear on the cause, whether it's a combination of last August's rains, the staggering about of snow and the colder than normal weather of February and March, but this April has been unprecedented in the garden. Sanguinaria have popped up all over the garden, even in places that I don't recall planting them.

They've bloomed and faded already.

It's been such a pleasure to work in the garden with the sweet scent of the Boxwood on the breeze.

The Tree Peony, which had just one bloom last year, has eight buds. On one day, all of my Daffodils, save one, were in bloom, which has never happened before.

This is the best the Bergenia has ever looked.

The Dutchman's Breeches (Dicentra cucullaria) that failed to bloom last year are again blooming.

The Magnolia blooms are perfect and unsullied by frost.
I managed to keep the rabbits from damaging most of the Tulips planted in the front. (Thank you Bobbex-R.)

And, most impressive of all and exciting for me, both of my Trillium grandiflorum bloomed for the first time.

I had given up hope that they would ever bloom.
It's all so overwhelming, I can hardly keep up with my photos.

It's all too beautiful.

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Enchanted April + wildflowers