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Where's Hercule Poirot when you need him? I have three mysteries in my garden that I want solved. The first falls under IDRPS (I Don't Remember Planting This). ( Edit. 4/3/09 D'oh! It's supposed to be IDRPT! ) Last fall, in the new Rose bed, I planted Alliums. At least I thought they were Alliums. After the snow melted, I found this.

I already had two other Alliums, Allium cernum and the purple drumstick one. This doesn't look like either of them. It's supposed to be a ball-type Allium. Is this what they look like when they first sprout?
The second mystery will be a bit harder to solve. I had a bunch of tiny Daffodils, 'Little Beauty,' that I planted in the Woodland Garden. The question is: why, year after year, does only one of them bloom?

I've treated them all the same. It looks weird, and I don't like it. Why won't the others bloom? What's wrong with them? Are they special, non-blooming Daffodils, prized for their foliage that got mixed in with one 'Little Beauty'?
Finally, what happened to all my 'Tete et Tete' Daffodils? About 15 years ago, I planted a dozen of them together, and they used to all sprout and bloom. (I have this great photo of the boy when he was a toddler in front of them.) This is all that remains, one lonely little Daffodil, unable to have a Tete et Tete.

Were all the others dug up by squirrels? That seems unlikely, as squirrels don't usually mess with Daffodils and I never saw any bulbs lying around. Did they all die? If so, why? And why didn't this one? It looks silly blooming all by itself, but I don't know what to do about it, dig it up or plant more around it.
Redbud update: My little Redbud tree (Cercis canadensis) is once more vertical, but is now a bit more interesting after having been completely bent over by the snow.

Whether that scoliosis is permanent, only time will tell. At least it didn't break.

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