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Picture This - Help Me Choose

I'm having a hard time with the theme of this month's Picture This photo competition at Gardening Gone Wild, Spring Fling, which "should evoke a sense of whimsy, fun and spontaneity."
Here is possibility #1, "Playtime for Stout"

Stout is my next-door neighbors' American Bull Terrier (fortunately, they are wonderful neighbors, unlike the infamous neighbor of Helen Yoest). Stout was having so much fun with his agility tunnel, but not in the prescribed way. I just love how he's smiling in the spring shade.
#2, "Embraceable You"

It looks like the Clematis tendrils are about to hug the bud of 'Silver Moon.'
#3, "Gimme Shelter'

The ant tries to avoid getting wet while still enjoying the sticky stuff from Peony 'Mons. Jules Elie.'
So what do you think, #1, #2, or #3 best fits the theme?

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