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Do They Know Something, or Are They Just Confused?

What's wrong with this picture? (Prairie Smoke, Geum triflorum )

While planting some bulbs today, I thought it was a good time to divide and replant some spring ephemerals while they were dormant. Only they weren't exactly dormant.

Am I confused, or are these Dutchman's Breeches ( Dicentra cucullaria ) sprouting prematurely?
Is this a sign of a mild winter, or will this Trillium grandiflorum be in for a rude shock?

I've never noticed it sprouting in fall. Maybe it just needs more soil on top of it. But then, poking around a bit, I saw that the Snowdrops ( Galanthus elwesii ) are sprouting, and that a Daffodil I dug up accidentally was also sprouting.
And then there's this Hellebore that has never really stopped blooming.

Now it's got its color back and, frankly it's starting to look like spring out there. I know the weather's been a little strange lately, but really, isn't this a bit much?

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Do They Know Something, or Are They Just Confused? + weird plant behaviour