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Wishing for the Green Teens

So long Aughts, you are so out of here. Tomorrow we start the Teens. I wish we could leave behind all the crud from the Aughts, and take along only the good stuff, but it doesn't work that way. So looking on the bright side, I'm celebrating the whole "Green" movement thing that became so fashionable in the Aughts. The problem with fashion is that it inevitably goes out of fashion, and being "Green" is something that should be with us always. Those of us old enough to remember know that being Green ebbs and flows. Rachel Carson's "Silent Spring" comes to mind, as does the "Crying Indian" commercial from the 1970s. We as gardeners have a responsibility to ensure that Green isn't a fad. We must do all in our power in the coming year and the new decade to encourage our governmental units, our businesses and our neighbors to make being Green a way of life. Ed Begley, Jr., and Bill Nye (The Science Guy) should be our heroes and role models. I assure you that I will do my part. I've just been handed a bag of Sun Chips (a Frito Lay product) that announces the introduction of the first 100% compostable chip bag, around Earth Day 2010. I promise that I will rigorously test many of such bags this year (on my own dime), and report on this claim. Yes, I will snack for cause. What will you do to advance the Green cause in the New Year?

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Wishing for the Green Teens + work