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The Allure of Moss

I'm thinking about moss. I started noticing moss in gardens on the tours in and around Buffalo last summer. Moss, cool, woodsy, lush, green moss, perfect for a woodland garden. Then I saw pictures of the winter interest garden Helen Yoest helped install for the North Carolina State Fair. The finishing touch was the planting of several different mosses. Of course moss has been on my radar since Frances posted about it at Fairegarden back in 2009. (See also More Moss Magic.)

There already is moss here at Squirrelhaven,

but mostly in the lawn, and not nearly enough in the woodland garden, where it would show to great effect. I need to figure out where to install a small mossy area. Then I just need set up some chunks of concrete and logs on which to grow it, and lift some of that moss out of the lawn and move it. Some for the little fairy box garden would be nice too. I can see it now...

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The Allure of Moss + winter