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Another Unsung Hummingbird Plant

I've had this Heptacodium miconiodes in my garden for a long time, probably more than 15 years, yet I just learned something new about it. Hummingbirds visit it to get nectar.

At the same time, I heard the chirps of a hummingbird for the first time. I apologize for the quality of this video, but hummers are difficult to film under the best conditions.
Not much is made about the blooms of Heptacodium, it's the showy bracts that tend to be the big attraction. However, the blooms themselves have a light, pleasant scent and are attractive to many pollinators in addition to hummingbirds. It may not be native, but it's a neat little tree.

(For more about this tree, see my post The Truth about Heptacodium miconiodes.)

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Another Unsung Hummingbird Plant + time