African Garden + Hellebores

It Really is Spring

Here's the proof, the Great Blue Herons have returned.

I took this photo out of my bedroom window. I spied the Heron poking around in the small thawed area of the pond this morning.It got up to 64F today, which finally coaxed my Witch Hazel ( Hammamelis x intermedia 'Sunburst') to unfurl its petals.

Despite the squirrel attack on its buds, there are still enough left to provide a nice show.

I've been so jealous of all the Witch Hazels in bloom I've seen on blogs lately, such as Hayefield, Bliss, Clay and Limestone, and Fairegarden. Now I can join in the fun.
The Snowdrops are in full bloom.

I'm pleased with how they have arranged themselves into nice drifts. Soon the Hellebores will join them in blossoming. I was finally able to do some real gardening today, spring garden cleanup, including cutting back the grasses. I'll post about that later, after I (hopefully) finish tomorrow. On Saturday, I'll be at the Chicago Flower & Garden show, talking about garden blogs. It's good to be busy.

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It Really is Spring + Hellebores