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From the DAISNAID* file: Garden Ornaments in Winter

It's not the freeze that worries me, its the thaw and then the freeze that always does the damage. You'd think by now I would know enough to pay attention to the label on garden ornaments when it advises that the item needs protection from freezing temperatures. Yes, terracotta will be damaged if left outside over the winter.

after subzero lows and highs in the single digits Farenheit, a high of 41F/5C, then highs in the 20sF/ -3ishC

This is the ball I bought this summer at the Smith & Hawken going out of business sale. The worst part is that it was frozen to the ground and I couldn't bring it into the garage until this morning, after the damage was done. Looks like I'll be learning how to make cement castings this spring.
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From the DAISNAID* file: Garden Ornaments in Winter + winter