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January Bloom Day - Stages of an Amaryllis

Carol at May Dreams Gardens, had the nifty idea of everyone showing off what they have in bloom in their garden on the 15th of every month, Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day. She's not a stickler for the rules, so indoor blooms (or anything floral) can be the subject of a post. Unlike last year, where I had to go purchase a plant to have some blooms, this year, inspired by Cindy of From My Corner of Katy, I have a Butterfly-type Amaryllis (I misplaced the tag). I prefer its smaller flowers and more graceful shape to that of the standard Amaryllis. My Amaryllis started blooming a couple days ago. I've been fascinated by how quickly it blooms and the changes it has undergone.

I'm so glad I decided to try an Amaryllis again. Happy Bloom Day!

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January Bloom Day - Stages of an Amaryllis + plants