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The Relativity of Time

It isn't often in life that we encounter perfection, and it seems even less likely around here, where things rarely go smoothly. So any small bits of perfection are treasured all the more, savored and dwelled upon. There should be three clumps of these Sanguinaria 'Multiplex, but the squirrels dug them all up last summer. Fortunately, all three plants survived their trauma, but only one has bloomed. I captured this photo Friday morning. By Saturday, the secondary bud had also bloomed. Now, after 24 hours of very heavy weather, this is all gone, the flowers shattered and the petals spread across the ground.Why is it, in spring, that times seems to go much faster than during any other season? In winter, time just drags, and in summer, one tires of the heat, humidity, and mosquitoes, and keeps checking the calendar. Autumn goes a bit faster than winter and summer, but nowhere near as quickly as spring. It's already the end of April, too late to start the seeds of some plants, too late for the Morton Arboretum plant sale (which I missed). One can almost see the trees leafing out, and the Daffodils and Pulmonaria are budding and blooming in a day. Already we've had a high temperature in the 80s. I feel like shouting to the skies, Slow down! I need more time to enjoy my favorite season, instead of spending it all working. But that would be pointless, and so I treasure each little of gift of each perfect moment.

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The Relativity of Time + work