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A Solution for Floppy Peonies*

We interrupt coverage of the Spring Fling for this important public service announcement.
Are your Peonies floppy?

Are they plagued by weak stems? Do you dread thunderstorms when your Peonies start to bloom? Are you tired of Peony stems that break on the edge of Peony cages and supports?

Well, now you can go from this:

to this!

It's so easy with individual stem staking.
It's the new staking method that's sweeping the nation.

Just insert a large stem stake into the ground before the Peonies start to bloom.

Not too high, or the flowers will be squished, but not too low, or they will break on the edge.

Then stand back and watch your Peonies laugh at the rain.
And now, a gratuitous shot of a Tree Peony, which does not require staking.

Get your stakes today so you'll be ready for next year's Peony show.
* Author has not received any compensation or free products for this announcement. Author had to shell out hard cash just like everyone else. Author is not the originator of this idea, but cannot recall who advised individual stem staking. Author would like to thank that person, and sincerely wishes author could give credit for it.

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A Solution for Floppy Peonies* + staking