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When a Gardener Hosts a Party

An Osteospermum takes advantage of a microclimate to rebloom.

The boy's birthday fell over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend, so even though we didn't host Thanksgiving dinner this year, we found ourselves joining in the annual cleansing of the house event in anticipation of a family gathering. While vacuuming and washing the family room floor, I noticed that my large Pelargonium was shedding dead leaves all over the floor. I was about to simply sweep them up, when I realized that if I didn't remove all the dead leaves still on the plant, it would continue to shed them, so I pulled out my pruners to clean it up. I then had an acute attack of Indoor GADS ( Carol's acronym which stands for Garden Attention Distraction Syndrome).

The next thing I knew, I had brought in the bag of potting soil and was potting up a rooted Coleus cutting and moving a Kalachoe to a larger pot. Somehow, the floor got cleaned, I got dressed for the party just barely on time, and all was the better for it. Am I the only one who needs to clean up plants as well as the house before a party?

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