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The Late Winter of My Discontent: a 3 for Thursday*

The birdbath gently steams for no one. In fact, it is remarkable for the complete absence of birds. It is a mere garden ornament.

My amaryllis stubbornly refuses to enter dormancy, so it can't come back out of dormancy. That new growth is a leaf, not a bud stalk. I didn't water it all summer. It sat behind the front porch containers completely deprived of moisture. It grew lush leaves. I brought it inside in October, and it sat in a dark corner of the house for months, obstinate in its pursuit of growing leaves. Maybe I'll start watering it just to spite it.

I gave the hyacinths the chilling and dark that they needed. What I didn't count on was the water in the hyacinth glasses freezing solid. I'm lucky the glasses didn't break. They were brought into the house to thaw, but the hyacinths have done nothing in the three weeks since. I fear for them.

*Thanks to Cindy, of From My Corner of Katy, for coming up with the Three for Thursday meme.

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The Late Winter of My Discontent: a 3 for Thursday* + winter discontent