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The Fall Finery of Wildflowers
Cornus alternifolia, the pagoda dogwood

As autumn reaches its color climax here in Northern Illinois, the wildflowers that provided floral beauty earlier in the year have put on their fanciest colors for a farewell performance.

Cercis canadensis, redbud

It's not just the trees and shrubs that provide this show.

Echinacea purpurea, purple coneflower

Some of the coneflowers are still blooming, but others are getting ready for the big sleep. Nearby, the Joe-Pye weed has its final fling.

Eupatorium 'Phantom'

Many of the perennial wildflowers also are show-offs, even in the shade.

Spigelia marilandica and Porteranthus a/k/a Gillenia trifoliata
Geranium maculatum

One wishes it could go on and on, but all too soon, the curtain closes.

This post is part of Wildflower Wednesday and the Fall Color Project 2011.

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The Fall Finery of Wildflowers + wildflowers