African Garden + Rose

The Golden Afternoon Garden
Symphyotrichums, the ex-asters, in the Nanoprairie

Come into my garden, right now while the sun is warm. While many of the plants here are the same as those grown at Clay and Limestone, the more northerly latitude of Squirrelhaven renders the midday and afternoon sun's rays lovely rather than harsh, casting a golden glow.

Here, in the afternoon, the butterflies dance on the breeze.

red admiral butterfly, Cosmos 'Rose Bonbon'

Bees fill the air with the sound of their buzzing from bloom to bloom.

bumblebee in Symphyotrichum laeve 'Bluebird'

Please hurry, for it will not last. These fleeting gilded afternoons of autumn slip by too fast, and end all too soon.

Eupatorium 'Phantom'

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The Golden Afternoon Garden + Rose