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A Florida-friendly Garden or, What I Did On My Winter Vacation

What a pleasure it was to go without socks, much less my standard two pairs, for a few days, and wander around the quiet streets in South Florida. While strolling around the neighborhood near my parents' beachfront condo, I came across a sight that stopped me in my tracks, a stunning garden created out of a small corner lot. A sign in the garden proclaimed it a "Florida-friendly Yard." There were lots of plants that appeal to pollinators.

There were also lots of plants that appeal to gardeners. I was surprised to see many plants that I recognized from Austin, Texas,

including Agaves and Salvias.

Not surprisingly, the gardener was out working in her garden. Like gardeners everywhere, she informed me that her garden didn't look its best; there had been record cold the previous week that damaged many things.
I couldn't detect any damage anywhere, and it all looked wonderful to me.

I just loved what the gardener did with that little strip of land between the driveways.

Even though I can't grow most of these plants, the structure of this little garden area has much to offer. By substituting plants with similar shapes and textures, Northern gardeners could achieve a similar effect.

While walking, I was reminded of VP's interest in traffic circles (roundabouts).

Roundabouts are about as rare in South Florida as they are in the Chicago area.

I think this one took a hit in the cold.

At least these flowers still looked good.

And now, a little gratuitous floral exuberance.

These shots of color are just what I needed, now that I've returned to the frozen tundra, I mean Northern Illinois.

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A Florida-friendly Garden or, What I Did On My Winter Vacation + work