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I Ranted, Now I Rave

I didn't mean to give the impression that I think all commercial planting is bad. Quite the contrary, I get annoyed at bad commercial planting because the potential is there to do so much better. Here is a good example of making the most of a difficult space.

This bed is a narrow strip between the sidewalk and the parking lot. This is just a portion of a long bed, all planted with the same things. It has color, contrasting form and textures and multiseason interest. All of these plants are low maintenance and can withstand the high heat of the surrounding asphalt and the pollution from automobile exhaust.
Across the street is this planting, which uses the same grass.

This brings harmony to the area, yet its use of different companions, Daylilies and Spirea, prevents monotony. Nearby is another long narrow bed between the sidewalk and a parking lot.

Here, the shrubs are well tended, not sheared into cubes or meatballs. There's even a Hydrangea in there for seasonal interest. In spite of the unaesthetic warning signs, I like the planting of the Pennesetum with the Coneflowers, with their similar colors and contrasting forms.

These are just a couple of examples that happen to be within walking distance of my house. They are merely representative of the good, creative planting that is possible in commercial spaces. I'm sure there are many more around, many undoubtedly even better than these. There are alternatives to the Stella-ghettos, and I hope to see even more of them.

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